Health & Beauty Center: Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy is a natural way of ridding the body of stress. Hydrotherapy and massage therapy all in one; the warm water (37/38°) relaxes muscles and improves circulation while cold water has a stimulating toning effect and increases arterial pressure. The bubbles and water flow compress and decompress tissues benefitting both blood and lymphatic circulation, causing a feeling of lightness in the legs, whilst a draining action reduces cellulite. Hydromassage firms muscles and combats obeisity and rheumatism, reduces tiredness, tones and rejuvenates skin.  2 or 3, 20 minute sessions of hydrotherapy are advised per week. An exfoliating scrub is also advised before entering the jacuzzi. The ideal temperautre for a relaxing bath is between 32 and 37°C and the water pressure should be moderate in order to avoid the breakage of capillaries. For a velvety skin 2 spoons of bicarbonate of soda should be added to the water as well as a few drops of milk, hawthorn, horse chestnut and grapefruit essential oils. To combat celluite essential oil of cypress should be used for its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. After a jacuzzi, wrap up in a bathrobe and lie down for 10 minutes in order to allow blood pressure to return to normal, and then moisturise the skin.

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