Roman Sudario

Health & Beauty Center: the sweat room
Roman Sudario or sweat room:  the Romans would spend many pleasurable hours in thermal baths; mainly for the benefits of intense perspiration.  The Laconicum - or Roman sweat room, with temperatures between 50 and 55°C and humidity levels at 50% - constitutes an excellent alternative, certainly gentler, to the traditional sauna.  This exclusive beauty farm in the south of Italy has revived the ancient philosophy of the Roman thermal baths.  The heat, radiated from the walls and the benches, gently encourages an intense but pleasurable perspiration which results in natural detoxification.  This treatment, through natural infra-red heat, helps to prevent and improve innumerable malfunctions, especially of the digestive system, the liver and alleviates symptoms of gout.  Suitable for all age groups, a maximum stay of 35 minutes is advised followed by a misted cold shower.  The Caldarium, with temperatures between 44 and 48°C and humidity at 50%, is a hot steam bath and facilitates the ruglarisation of pH levels, hydration and cleansing of the skin.  15 minute rest periods are advised between 15-20 minute sessions at the end of which a misted shower is taken followed by a session in the jacuzzi. 

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