Turkish bath

Health & Beauty Center: Turkish bath
The steam room or Turkish bath, typical of the orient where it is known as Hammam, is a therapy that uses water in the form of steam. In marble surroundings temperatures reach 40/50°C with 100% humidity.
The temperature of the steam is stratified with the lower centimeters being 20/30°C, 40°C at about 1.3 meters and 50°C at head height. Blood vessels dilate and circulation improves enabling the elimination of toxins through abundant sweating.
The Turkish bath is chatacterised by frequent alternating between hot steam and cold showers; this stimulates the body into reaction. Anyone suffering cardiovascular complaints should not take Turkish baths, nor should they be taken on an empty stomach or immediately after meals or alcohol. With warm feet, naked or wrapped in towels, in a comfortable position, the increased temperature will slow down and regularise breathing, causing a sensation of calm and relaxation.  n addition, gently rubbing the skin with a horesehair glove eliminates dead skin cells and stimulates circulation.
It is advisable to refresh oneself from time to time with a cold sponge and to enrich the steam with a few drops of essential oil.

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